Regional Minister Search Committee

Regional Minister Search Committee Update from the Regional Office:

Dear friends of the Christian Church (DOC) in Nebraska,

We are pleased to share with you action of the Regional Board regarding forming a Regional Minister Search Committee.

DATE                    ACTION

3/28/17                 April Johnson, Minister of Reconciliation for the General Church will be conducting  Anti-Racism-Pro-Reconciliation Training.

Feb/March          Regular teleconference meetings are occurring.

May                      Update from the Regional Minister Search Committee;

                   We are pleased to report that the Listening Sessions being offered to the Christian Church NE churches are going very well.  It is our desire to meet with every church, and while we have had some difficulty with scheduling and connecting, we have completed sessions with 19 churches and have 6 others scheduled.  The exciting outcome of this process are the discussions highlighting the amazing mission and ministry being provided throughout the State.  Whether we are meeting with a rural church or an urban area church, there is commonality in the mission, and the strong sense of being Nebraska Disciples!  The information obtained from these sessions will be used to create/develop our profile for the Regional Minister Search Process.

We continue to follow the guidance of our Consultant, Rev. Bill Spangler-Dunning (Upper Midwest), and the format outlined by the General Church.   We covet your prayers and look forward to meeting with your family of faith, if we have not already done so.  Feel free to contact either Gayle Gengenbach (402-488-8891), or Eileen Kunz (402-484-5902), Co-Chairs of the Regional Minister Search Committee


Gayle Gengenbach, Search Committee Co-chair