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April 2017 was a busy month for Disciples Women across Nebraska.  On Friday, April 7th, 37 women, from 10 congregations gathered at the First Christian Church in Beatrice.  On Friday, April 28th, 16 women, from 6 congregations met at the First Christian Church in North Platte.  The cabinet shared the devotional “Amazing Grace for a Woman’s Heart”.  Each of the five sections of the devotionals were presented by a different cabinet member with group discussions.  Service projects, regional and national  disciple women’s news and activities, were shared by all in attendance.

Four members of the cabinet, Linda Waldron, Angie Emons, Kay Koch and Teresa Olberding traveled to the First Christian Church in Alliance.  Disciple women from Sidney and Scottsbluff joined them for a ‘Sandhills Spa’, prepared by women of the Alliance church on Saturday, April 29th.

An offering for the International Office of Disciples Women was received at each retreat, and $342.00 was sent to Indianapolis for disciples women’s ministries.

April and May gave me many opportunities to worship with many other denominations.  Besides worshipping and sharing communion at the three host churches for our Disciples Women’s Retreats, I attended the State Assembly of Church Women United in Nebraska at Grand Island on the 8th of April.  The assembly was held at the Trinity United Methodist Church, presenters were Judy Reimer, on the quadrennial assembly of CWU, Andrea Paret, “Welcoming the Stranger” and Rev. Jessica Palys, “Called to do Justice”.  Rev. Kelly Harges, Sr. Pastor of Trinity United Methodist Church, joined the group at lunch, and we all participated in his ‘hands on’ drum ministry.  He uses this ministry with all ages from pre-schoolers to nursing home residents.  Both my parents are in a nursing home, and I was very interested in facts and information he shared about this ministry.  I also attended services at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod, for Lenten services and a pre-confirmation questioning for my Granddaughter Gwen.  I worshiped at that same church on Palm Sunday for her confirmation.  My church is in a ‘yoke’ with Zion United Church of Christ, and we share a Seder meal/Maundy Thursday Service.  Early in May, I attended the First Communion Service for my twin grandsons, Merritt and Presley, at St. John the Baptist Catholic Church in Fort Calhoun.  I also attended activity, academic, and high school graduation service for my oldest grandson Robert, at St. Peter’s and Paul’s Catholic church in Falls City.  I enjoy sharing worship with other denominations, but really appreciate my Disciples belief and sharing of women’s ministry.

The Disciples Women’s Retreat will be held, Saturday, August 5th at Bethany Christian Church.  The attached flyer and registration form is included with this mailing.  Keynoter, Kim Schreiner, from SouthPointe Christian Church will lead us in ‘Taking Care of God’s Greatest Creation – You’.   Kim has lots of ideas and plans for those in attendance.  The $25.00 registration fee, which includes lunch, needs to be sent to the regional Vice President at the First Christian Church in Nebraska City by July 21st.  Angie will compile the information for us.  After that date, the registration fee will be $30.00.  You may register at the door, the day of the retreat.  We have many service projects planned.  Always remember, the service projects of the Disciples Women of Nebraska are like a buffet.  You choose which ever project touches your heart to support with donations or prayers.

Disciples Women – Teresa Olberding

Disciples Women Coordinator:

Teresa Olberding



Disciples Women’s Purpose:

To provide opportunities for spiritual growth, enrichment, education, and creative ministries to enable women to develop a sense of personal responsibility for the whole mission of the church of Jesus Christ.

Disciples Women is not just another club.

It’s women…

Women seek

a closer relationship to God through Bible study and prayer,
to better understand the world,
to find God’s purpose for ourselves in this world.

Women serve God

through caring for needs in the local church, through projects to help those in need beyond the local church.

Women support

one another as sisters in Christ
the world ministry of the church.

Today Disciples Women is not the only channel through which women can take part in the work of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), it is the oldest channel. As the organization remains sensitive to and grows with the issues of the era in which it finds itself, it continues to fulfill its purpose.

“We declare to you what we have seen and heard so that you also may have fellowship with us; and truly our fellowship is with the Father and with his Son Jesus Christ” (I John 1:3).

Today’s Disciples Women is designed for a variety of women, to meet diverse needs:

to provide opportunities for spiritual growth,
to provide opportunities for enrichment,
to provide opportunities for education,
to provide opportunities for creative ministries,
to develop a sense of personal responsibility for the whole mission of the church of Jesus Christ.

Christian Church in Nebraska
237 S 70th Street, Ste. 221
Lincoln, Nebraska 68510-2467

Nebraska Disciples Women         sponsors:

Spring One Day Spiritual Retreats
Regional Retreat, late summer
Women’s Luncheon at Regional Assembly
Crisis Kits for Child Saving Institute, Omaha

Nebraska Disciples Women’s       Cabinet 2016 – 2018

President – Fayrene Kuker, Shubert CC – Email Fayrene
Vice President – Angie Emons, First CC, Nebraska City –         Email Angie
Secretary – Kay Koch, Bethany CC, Lincoln –       Email Kay
Worship Director -Pastor Phyllis Dunlop, First CC Elwood –         Email Pastor Phyllis
Service Director – Nancy Rhoades, Shubert CC – Email Nancy
CSI Coordinator – Sally Mason, First CC, Lincoln – Email Sally
Member-at-large – Lola Cash, First CC, Omaha – Email Lola
Member-at-Large – Linda Waldron, First CC, Hastings –         Email Linda
Past President – Judy McCalla, Bethany CC, Lincoln – Email Judy
Coordinator – Teresa Olberding, First CC, Falls City – Email Teresa