YOMC – Youth & Outdoor Ministries Committee



West Central Regional Youth Event

Faith Equals Action

(James 2:17)

June 19-22, 2018

Participants will have the opportunity to express how the love of neighbor, love of children, and love of creation work together to bring about this kind of new world. We will tell the story of how we are impacting and transforming the world, we will learn new ways to flex our faith muscles to make transformative change, and we will explore how to better put our faith into action not only in our lives, but in the communities that we live in and in all of God’s good earth.

Grinnell College, IA, for DOC & UCC youth who have completed 6th Grade through Graduated high school seniors; four days and three nights – $325 per person

Register at www.rye2018.org

Let D’Arcy Blosser or Kristi Horstman know if you are planning to or would like to attend this event!!

D’Arcy Blosser, Youth & Outdoor Ministry Chair yomcnebraska@gmail.com or 402-423-1300

Kristy Horstman, Youth & Outdoor Ministry Coordinator kristinlynn@rocketmail.com or 402-890-1400